Sid Krommenhoek is the founder and general partner at Album VC, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on U.S. software startups. Album has made investments in more than 50 startups, many in Utah.  Krommenhoek has led investments in companies including Podium, Degreed, Weave, MX, Nav, BallerTV and Andela.

Before VC, he started four startups, mostly recently co-founding, an online portal connecting students globally with opportunities in higher education. Later, he led Zinch’s growth into China, moving his family to Beijing and launching, one of the first foreign online brands to reach scale in China. When Chegg Inc acquired Zinch in 2011, Krommenhoek led Chegg’s international efforts through an initial public offering in 2013 (CHGG, NYSE).

He is drawn to tight-knit partnerships with high accountability, which he sees as the best formula for navigating the chaos of startups and building long-term value. As a student-athlete, he was part of the 1998 WAC conference champion basketball team at the University of Utah. Krommenhoek completed his undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University.

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