Dr. Eric Eddings

Dr.  Eric  G.  Eddings is a  professor and chair of the  Department of  Chemical  Engineering at the  University of  Utah. He previously served as associate  dean for Research in the College of  Engineering for eight years before being appointed to Department Chair.   

Eddings is engaged in research that ranges from fundamental lab-scale investigations through pilot-scale process evaluation of new energy-related technologies.

Before joining the  University of  Utah,  Eric spent six years with  Reaction Engineering International  (REI), a consulting/R&D  firm,  in both technical and management positions. Prior to graduate school, he spent six years with Sperry-Univac (later renamed  Unisys). 

Eddings consulted for more than  25  years on environmental and operational issues for various industrial-scale thermal processes, including the electric utility, cement and metallurgical industries.